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Warhammer Online Ladies: Female Gamers
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8th-Nov-2008 11:55 am(no subject)
Hey Ladies : )  While on wurtbad I had got my DOK to 26 but we all decided to reroll to Dark Cragg since server population was so low on Wurtbad.  I decided to roll a shaman in hopes that I could transfer my DOK to dark Cragg but they only allowed the server transfer to two other servers.  We just about got our new guild up to where our old guild rank was.  It's hard to recruit people since everyone wants a 15+ guild and our's just hit 6.  I had a lot of fun in the witching event I didn't get the Witch King title but I was pretty close.  I got all 4 masks so I felt that was an accomplishment too.  I'm excited for the Heavy Metal event since I really want to make a Black guard.  Do any of you know of a website that for WAR that is something like the wowinsider website?  Something that isn't a forum and more article based on the new things going on in WAR?  Hope you're all having fun playing the game like I am. 
5th-Nov-2008 11:00 am - witching night over??? :(
warhammer online - stunty
Does anyone know if the Witching night is over or if we can still try to grind until midnight today?

I really want the cape but the grind was killing me :/


Also, I'm level 19 now. Does anyone know how to get the mount?? Is it a quest?

My character:
3rd-Nov-2008 11:12 pm - Witching Night, aka my husband rocks
Today is my two year anniversary, and we're kind of broke since my husband's out of work right now due to an injury, so gifts had to be pretty creative. So what did he do for me?

... He spent all night grinding out the influence for the elite reward elf mask. Awwwwwww.
2nd-Nov-2008 08:12 pm - Greetings!
I was very psyched to find this community. I've been playing WAR online since about a week after launch. Former player of WoW, Lineage II, EQ, EQII, AoC. My husband got me into gaming 5 years ago. I have a level 20 Witch Elf on Iron Rock, guilded in "Mere Anarchy."

I love the PvP in WAR, and that the focus on "grinding" has been substantially lessened. I spent a lot of my life lock-step in 40 and 25 man raids, and I don't think I could ever go back to that.

My only frustration is that I'm on a low-pop server, and while the scenarios are usually up, there aren't many other folks around to defend keeps or finish PQs. I'm hoping that changes soon, or I'll have the opportunity to move to a medium pop server.

Anyway, hola! Feel free to tag me in game!
Nanao srs
I saw this community and just went *GAAAASP!!* More girls like me that are into WAR?!? Girls in my town wouldn't dare speak out about something like that!

Hi everybody. Like the rest of you, I am playing WAR currently (after some encouragement from my boyfriend) after playing EverQuest II for 3+ years. I still like EQII and I probably won't cancel my subscription, but WAR has got me totally addicted! I never thought I would like PvP (which is why I have avoided WoW all of this time), but I find myself going into scenario after scenario and totally loving WAR's handle on PvPing.

Currently I have a level 14 White Lion named Calanon and a level 7 Warrior Priest named Bellona on the Monolith server. I would take screenshots but I'm kinda sorta at work right now, and besides they're both kind of lowbies and not too impressive-looking, hehe. I'm always up for making new friends, so if you have a character in Monolith you can add me as a friend, or you can feel free to friend me on LJ. I love discussing character classes, especially White Lion, since I seem to be super obsessed with it.

Look forward to talking with y'all!
26th-Oct-2008 06:45 pm - I can't decide
I was a huge fan of DAOC and played it (still sometimes do play) for years. Now I'm playing Warhammer and I can't decide what to be. All the classes are pretty well rounded and awesome. I generally prefer to be DPS/Caster. I've been a healer many times before but I really prefer to just tear it up. For reference, I was a fire wizard in DAOC.

Anyway, I think I have narrowed it down to: Sorceress, Shadow Warrior, or Witch Elf. I love the Witch Elf's styles, but it's been hard getting used to being a melee class with very little armor. And I've never played a melee class all that much before, it's a lot more involved than just standing behind the tanks, targeting players and pressing one of three buttons. The Shadow Warrior is fun because I can do ranged combat which I love, AND she won't die immediately if the tanks come a runnin' (and they always do). The Sorceress is pretty similar to other casters I've played in the past, so at least with that character I know what I'm doing.

I'm the type of person who decides on a main and just levels up that one character and pretty much exclusively plays them, so I've got to decide. Plus I have kids, so I don't have all day to play like I did pre-kids.

Thoughts? Any classes you love?
Walter and Perry
The Requiem is a family-style Order guild on the US server Ulthuan made up of people 18+ that game as seriously as they can, but never put gaming before real life concerns like work, school, kids, and SOs. We are primarily based on Eastern Time (US), and are relatively active RvR'ers. As our numbers permit, we will be having organized sieges, scenario premades, instance runs, you name it - we're out to see as much of the WAR as we can, but without the drama and pressure of an uber guild. We have a 50-slot Vent server and guild website/message board in place.

THE REQUIEM DOES NOT AND WILL NEVER HAVE A GUILD TAX! Tithes are welcome, but not required.

We accept all sexes and lifestyles, and couples are always welcome as package deals. Currently, we are recruiting any and all Order classes.

If you would like more information and/or an invite, please visit http://therequiem.mmoguildsites.net or contact Montana, Jager, Smoak, or Stoan in-game.
21st-Oct-2008 12:24 am - Guild Recruitment KARAK AZGAL [EU]
Dogs of War is a casual but dedicated guild. We are looking for new players to join our ranks. We do not have applications. We recruit on a personal basis. If you are friendly, mature, and know your class, we are looking for you!

We are a multinational guild, made up of male and female players, and chat is 99% english. Our busiest time is between the hours of 6pm and 1am CET, although there is always someone online during the day time.

We are currently lacking in healing classes particularly in T3+, Magus, Witch Elves and Squig Herders. We are very RVR active, and guild members are usually willing to help in other areas such as PQ's and instances etcetera.

If you wish to apply please send a mail or a tell in game to either Maleficent, Havok or Searva, and let us know you read the recruitment thread. Or you can drop an email to miss--carla[at]hotmail.com
20th-Oct-2008 06:10 pm - Trophys
What is the easiest way to get some Trophys. My Witch Elf is level 26 and she only has 1 for killing elves. What other kinds of things are there to do to get some?

Also does anyone have any nice tome item unlocks for exploring or killing a certain mob?

14th-Oct-2008 01:53 pm - a little RP for ya
gamer girl
Kaelamina Brightsoul, Ostermark serverCollapse )
First off, an introduction!  Just started playing WAR a couple of weeks ago (from WoW), and rolled a Bright Wizard on Ostermark (RP).  how are ya?  ^^

Thought you ladies might be interested in a little RP thing I wrote up for Mina.  Enjoy!
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